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Sewing machine reviews

Looking for the best sewing machine reviews before you make the decision on what machine to buy? Check below my detailed reviews of the best sewing machines and which option is the right one for you depending on your specific need.

The world of sewing machines is filled with unique makes and models.

Each machine offers a fascinating set of features and can add incredible value to your setup but the best sewing machine for you will always depend on what your sewing needs are.

So, what is the best sewing machine out there for your specific need? You may find that the right machine for you might be different than the one for someone else. We hope to answer your question below with the detailed reviews.

For those eager to find the best sewing machine, it’s time to look at the leading brands on the market, which models work well, and how to differentiate between them.

When it comes to finding the right option, it’s all about understanding your needs and going with a model that’s built to last.

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What’s the best sewing machines to buy?

Here are the top ten sewing machines being sold right now.


1. Best sewing machine for beginners: Brother CS6000i

Key features:

  • LCD Display Stitch Selector
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Oversized Table
  • Built-in Bobbin Winding
  • Brightly Lit Sewing Area

When it comes to beginners, there’s nothing better than the reliable Brother CS6000i sewing machine.

This all-encompassing sewing machine is picture-perfect for those new to using this type of machine and don’t want to get overwhelmed. With its adjustable sewing speed and crisp LCD, nothing is getting in the way of sewing your first piece.

The real charm of this sewing machine is seen through the built-in bobbin winding. Rather than having to clumsily struggle with the setup, users can easily move forward with the process using this machine’s built-in bobbin winding solution.

Having something as straightforward as this can be calming and a great way to start.

Brother is a well-noted company in this market and is appreciated for delivering high-value machines. This is right up there with the best and offers everything a person dreams of when it comes to a brand-new sewing machine.

Whether it’s the automatic needle threader or the lit sewing area, everything has been done to make sure the sewing machine is great for people of all ages, including teenagers and kids.

Learn more about this machine here!


2. Best sewing machine for intermediate: Janome JW8100

Key features:

  • Removable Free Arm
  • 100 Stitches and 7 Buttonholes
  • One-Hand Needle Threader
  • Robust Interior Metal Frame
  • 7-Piece Feeding System

For those with a bit of experience and know-how, it’s time to crank things up a bit and start to recognize what the sewing machine industry has to offer.

Rather than settling for something that’s underpowered or may not allow you to flex your creativity, it’s time to focus on this offering from Janome.

The brand is home to world-class products and this is right up there with the best in the business.

What makes this such an alluring machine for those who want the best? It has to do with the comprehensive selection of features such as the removable free arm, 100 stitches, and an exceptional 7-piece feeding system.

You are not going to be tired of the numerous options that are on offer and that’s what makes it such an outstanding sewing machine.

Being able to use something as well-built as this is increasingly enjoyable for intermediates. You can put this sewing machine to the test due to its world-class metal frame, which can take a pounding without breaking down.

Janome has also taken the opportunity to create a comprehensive solution that encompasses a fine-tuned one-hand needle threader for easier use. This allows users to remain productive throughout the session without having to focus on what the machine is doing.

This simplicity is enjoyable, unique, and something that’s right in line with what an intermediate requires.

Check out more about this great machine here!


3. Best sewing machine for advanced sewer: Singer quantum stylist 9960

Key features:

  • Drop-In Bobbin System
  • 13 Automated Buttonhole Styles
  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Industry-Grade Interior Metal Frame
  • 600 Built-In Stitches

Advanced sewing experts will have a multitude of ideas in mind and they require something to make those concepts come to life.

It’s about having access to all the tools necessary to create magic with nothing more than a bit of material and a sewing machine. If you are in this boat then the Singer 9960 is as good as it gets.

This computerized sewing machine is exceptional from top to bottom whether it’s the automatic needle threader or comprehensive list of 600 built-in stitches.

Other sewing machines can’t keep up with the versatility and variety that’s on offer here. Being able to sift through all of these stitches and/or buttonholes cannot be stressed enough.

It’s a game-changer for experts that want to have the best sewing machine at their disposal.

The machine offers a world-class metal frame that’s built to last and can withstand long sessions without breaking a sweat. It’s also home to an easy to use drop-in bobbin system that’s perfect for an advanced user wanting consistent results.

Turn this portable sewing machine on and gain access to the kind of power and reliability that’s a must.

Learn more about this powerful machine here!


4. Best sewing machine for kids: SINGER Start 1304

Key features:

  • 6 Built-In Stitches
  • Industry-Grade Metal Frame
  • 110 Volt Machine
  • Automated Bobbin Winding
  • Easy Threading System

When teaching kids to sew you will want something adaptable, easy to use, and consistent. They will not require access to a multitude of stitches but will demand something usable at all times.

In this case, the Singer Start 1304 is world-class because of its unique set of features and best quality build.

With this sewing machine, you are gaining access to 6 built-in stitches and an automated bobbin winding system that makes this difficult step easy to manage.

They have also included an all-encompassing easy threading system that makes it simple for children to turn on the machine and get started. Rather than fumbling around with the thread, children can focus on their vision for the project in front of them.

This is when the machine starts to shine and take over as a kid-friendly option.

Along with having a wonderful set of features, the Singer Start 1304 is also heavy on safety features and is fully verified by the manufacturer.

Check this machine out here!


5. Best sewing machine for quilting: Janome 3160QDC

Key features:

  • 60 Sewing Stitches and 6 Buttonholes
  • Top-Loading Bobbin System
  • Control Panel with LCD
  • Automatic Buttonhole “R” Sewing Foot
  • Assortment of Accessories

Quilting is a complicated task and has to be done in unison with a world-class sewing machine. To find the best sewing machine for quilting, it’s important to emphasize the necessary features to make the process easier.

In this regard, there is nothing better on the market than the all-inclusive Janome 3160QDC.

This is a charming sewing machine that has a sleek design and an assortment of sewing machine accessories that make it a joy to use. Users immediately gain access to a slew of features such as the 60 stitches, top-loading bobbin system, and 6 buttonholes.

It’s easy to flip through all of these options to complete your quilting or fat quarter project without missing a beat.

Janome is a reputable brand because of its attention to detail when it comes to creating expert-friendly machines. The 3160QDC is right up there with the best and it starts with the gorgeous control panel and display. It’s incredibly easy to use and continues to work well throughout the process.

When it comes to contemporary quilting, nothing is better than the Janome 3160QDC.

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6. Best serger machine: Brother 1034DX

Key features:

  • 22 Stitch Functions
  • 2 Snap-On Feet
  • 3/4 Thread Serger
  • Standard Sewing Machine Needles
  • Speed: 1,300 Stitches Per Minute

The premise of a serger is to bind fabric together using an overlock stitch. This is a complex process and has to be managed with care to yield positive results.

In this journey towards creating an impactful design, there’s nothing more important than the Brother 1034DX. This fascinating serger machine is picture-perfect with its 2 snap-on feet and 3/4 thread serger.

This offers users complete control throughout the process while offering access to standard sewing machine of needles.

Take the opportunity to sift through its 22 stitch functions while enjoying speeds of up to 1,300 stitches per minute.

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7. Best sewing machine for embroidery: Brother PE800

Key features:

  • 11 Built-In Fonts
  • 5″ x 7″ Embroidery Field
  • 3.2″ Touchscreen
  • Includes a USB Port for Designs
  • 138 Built-In Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is all about the finer details and making sure your vision comes to life without ignoring those all-important intricacies.

Keeping this in mind, the all-powerful Brother PE800 is one of those sewing machines that provide an energetic solution to any modern setup.

You will enjoy being able to play around with the 11 built-in fonts and 138 embroidery designs.

Along with offering a long list of built-in options, users can also use their USB drive to insert designs into the machine.

The simplicity and tech-friendly nature of this design are noticeable right away through this USB port and all that it has to offer.

With a 3.2″ touchscreen and 5″ x 7″ embroidery field, there’s nothing this machine can’t do for those who want to start an embroidery project.

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8. Best sewing machine for dressmaking: Singer 7258

Key features:

  • Automatic Needle Threader
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed
  • 6-Segment Feeding System
  • Easy Stitch Selection
  • 100-Stitch Patterns

The Singer 7258 has a robust set of features making it the ultimate option for modern dressmakers. Whether it’s the automatic needle threader or the 6-segment feeding system, users get the opportunity to utilize an awe-inspiring machine that is perfect for their needs.

Dressmaking is all about understanding how to take a creative design and make it all come together as one remarkable dress.

To ensure this is possible, the Singer 7258 can offer up to 100 stitch patterns that are all special, easy to use, and refined.

Users will require no more than a few seconds to sift through all of these stitches and pick the one that works best for their dressmaking needs.

This is one of those sewing machines that are wonderful for several different reasons but have a specialized set of features that are ideal for dressmaking.

More about this machine here!


9. Best heavy duty sewing machine: Singer Heavy Duty 4411

Key features:

  • Heavy-Duty Metal Frame
  • 11 Built-In Stitches
  • Speed: 1,100 Stitches Per Minute
  • Stainless Steel Bedplate

Sometimes you need a strong heavy duty machine for commercial use or to deal with thick materials such as leather.

Leather is a challenging material to manage and the wrong type of sewing machine can leave users in a state of confusion. To avoid this frustration, it’s time to look at the all-encompassing Singer Heavy Duty 4411 sewing machine, which is one of the best sewing machines for leather.

As the name suggests, this is built to handle heavy-duty materials such as leather without breaking down or becoming unusable. If the goal is to create something using heavy duty materials then this is one of the finer sewing machines on the market right now.

What makes it such a beautiful sewing machine for leather? It begins with the stainless steel bedplate because it can withstand all types of leather without making noises or leading to inefficient patterns.

The machine can also handle leather while maintaining a rapid speed of 1,100 stitches per minute illustrating how efficiently it works. This is why the Singer Heavy Duty 4411 is a tremendous solution for those who use leather all the time.

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10. Best basic machine: Varmax Mini Sewing Machine with Extension Table

Key features:

  • Two Speed Control
  • Special Cuff Slot
  • Double Threads
  • Large Extension Table
  • Includes a 1-Year Warranty Plan

The Varmax Mini Sewing Machine is an uncomplicated, top of the line solution that has a wonderful set of advantages. Whether it’s the special cuff slot or the large extension table, this compact machine is perfectly sized for all of your basic needs.

It offers two-speed control (low/high) ensuring users can quickly navigate through complicated designs without having to worry about making a mistake.

The use can change the speed and also adjust how the machine is used through the double threads.

To illustrate how well this machine is made, the Varmax Mini Sewing Machine comes along with a 1-year warranty plan. This demonstrates how useful and long-lasting the machine is for those getting started in the world of sewing.

Whether it’s the sleek look or the charming set of features, users are getting a world-class sewing machine with this solution. It’s simply the perfect basic machine, also comes in a very affordable price if you are looking for something cheap!

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The options above are from the best sewing machine brands and all will have great features. I hope you find an option that is perfect for you and your budget.


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