Best sewing subscription boxes

The best sewing boxes to subscribe

Sewing and quilting subscriptions are very popular among sewer and crafters. But what are the best sewing subscription boxes available? In this post I am sharing some of the most popular and lovely subscription boxes for sewers.

Sewing subscription boxes come in a variety of ways and the items featured can vary greatly from each box. That is why is important to compare and analyse which sewing monthly subscription box offers the best value for your money.

Below I have listed some of the most popular subscriptions but also some less known ones to give you a better overview that you can use to compare and find the best one for your needs.


Are sewing subscription boxes worth it?

There are thousands of subscription boxes in the market these days and such popularity is due to a few reasons:

  1. Cost benefit
  2. Surprising factor
  3. Different supplies for hobbyists

First of all it is human nature to want to be surprised. Specially when you know you will most likely be surprised in a good way as you purchase boxes that align with your hobbies and interest. In our case here sewing enthusiast ten to love fabrics, notions and patterns! So if you know you are getting these goodies at your door, what is not to like?

Even if you are not in love with every single piece that comes inside a box it is very likely you will enjoy most of the themed items you get.

Another great advantage of a monthly subscription box is the cost benefit. Since the seller is putting a lot of boxes together they are able to produce or get the product for a cheaper bulk price than what it would cost if the items were purchased separately. This brings the cost down to the consumer too!

Another great advantage of these box is that they are fantastic beginner starter sets for when you are just getting started with a hobby and don’t want to spend a lot in supplies. You just need to get going with a few materials to see for yourself if you really enjoy it before investing more later. A trial subscription box is perfect for that!

They also make excellent gifts for sewing lovers and crafters alike, you cannot really got wrong here.

So, what is the best sewing subscription box to get? Let’s find out together below!


Best sewing subscription boxes


  • Patchwork parcel


If you are a fan of quilting and patchwork then this subscription box is for you!

In this little box you don’t only get top quality fabric but you will also receive the pattern, batting and any special notions needed to complete the project sent straight to your home every month.

You can chose from 2 programs (quilt subscription box or fabric bundle) and can cancel at any time!

Get your Patchwork Parcel here!


  • Blueprint boxes


Blueprint has several classes and boxes that are ideal for crafters with a variety of hobbies from sewing, to painting and knitting (and more!).

You can even sign up for free for 7 days to see the unlimited classes but you only receive a coupon to pick your project after the billing has gone through (at the end of the 7 days).

So while it works a little different that most boxes you still get to pick your favorite project and get everything you need delivered at your door plus unlimited craft classes! Every quarter you get to choose a new project.

Get your Blueprint Box here!


  • TaylarMade Tailoring box

Here is a box that is not only for adults but recommend for children learning how to sew (from 8+ years old).

Here is what you get from this monthly subscription box: Pre-cut sewing kit, any sewing notions needed such as thread, pins, and needles, assembly instruction video tutorial and a little sewing surprise gift every month!

Get your TaylarMade Tailoring box here!


  • Darn good yarn Subscription Boxes


Darn Good Yarn has several subscription boxes for sewers, knitters and crafters alike, and some of their sewing kits boxes has thousands of positive reviews!

Apart from the popular yarn subscription box, the Fabric of the month box seems like a lot of fun too.

In this pack you get a curated Fat Quarter Bundle each month along with different easy sewing patterns to use your fabric on and a matching Sari Ribbon sample card with 5 ribbons that could be used for highlights, edging or finishing your creative project.

Get your Darn Good Yearn Box here!


  • Bundle of the month

While some fabric subscription boxes concentrate on different color matching fabrics every month, this sewing box here makes bundles with matching pattern fabrics from a limited color palette.

Every month is a big surprise as the bundles don’t follow a set of schedule or themes but you get a mystery selection. But you shouldn’t worry because if you see the images of some past boxes you can see how well the fabrics are curated.

This is perfect for anyone who wants to work matching new fabrics but s not so concern about the pattern itself.

Get your Bundle of the Month box here!


  • Modern stash Club

This lovely monthly fabric box starts at $26/month with discounts for 3, 6 and 12-month plans.

They follow a monthly color pattern and you will get 6 fat quarters per month, following they yearly schedule.

You need to order by the 10th to receive the box for that particular month.

Get your Mother Stash Box here!


  • Inspirations Club


Say hello to easy creativity with the Inspiration Club pack! Nothing for you to worry here as the complete material list (think of fabrics, ribbons, buttons and more) for a different craft project will be delivered to you at your door. Perfect for any craft lover but also makes a perfect gift to a friend. 

The projects that you will be able to create straight away include tote bags, cushions, dolls, beach bags and more! 

Click here to get your Inspiration Club Box!


  • Fat quarter shop boxes


The Fat Quater Shop has several subscription boxes including the popular sew sample box. Some are delivered monthly and others quarterly.

If you love colorful matching fat quarter for beautiful projects then you will enjoy this amazing box here.

The Sew colorful fat quarter club is all you need to complete both hard or easy quilt projects with a bundle containing 15 color coordinated fabrics, each month you get a different color bundle!

Get your Fat Quarter Shop Box here!


  • PreCuts Quilt Box


This is a fantastic quilt box that comes packed with 10 to 12 fat quarters, layer cake squares, jelly roll pieces, sewing notions, thread and free domestic shipping!

On top of that as a member you get special discounts on their shops and other goodies!

Click here to get your Pre-cuts Quilty Box!


  • Stash Builder Box


Well, the name says it all. A great way to build your stash of pretty fabrics! The modern quilt subscription box can be shipped worldwide and you can cancel anytime.

Get your Stash Builder Box here!



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