Fat Quarter Projects (11 FREE fat quarter pattern ideas to make today!)

The best fat quarter sewing projects

Looking for free sewing patterns for fat quarter projects? Look no further. Here we have a list with the best and easy fat quarter projects you can find!

You don’t need a large amount of fabric to create a variety of small and easy sewing projects. Fat quarters are perfect sizable cuts for literally hundreds of useful projects for the kitchen, for home decor, for the new baby and of course for quilt lovers.

Below I share some cool sew and no sew fat quarter free patterns and ideas to help you put your fabric stash to good use!


What is a fat quarter and what is it used for?

What is a fat quarter?

The term “fat quarters” are commonly used in the patchwork and quilting world.

A “fat quarter” is basically a quarter yard fabric; a piece of fabric that corresponds to a yard of fabric cut in 4 almost square pieces.

To cut a fat quarter you will cut a yard of fabric, in length, in half and then cut again along the width. So the measurement may vary depending on the width of the textile roll but a fat quarter almost always has 2 sides that measure 18 inches. The most common size is 18×22 inches but you also see 20×20 inch bundles.

The term “fat eighth” is also used, which is a fat quarter cut in half (either width or lengthwise).

What is a fat quarter?


Why cut the fabric in fat quarter pieces?

You may think that this is a strange way of cutting the fabric, why not just cut the 1/4 of the fabric yard across the selvages?

If you cut the the textile this way, the stripe will be long but with a narrow width. This is not optimal for a variety of sewing projects. You wouldn’t be able to even make a sizable placemat without having to join in extra fabric.

However, when you cut the yard into 4 almost square pieces you are able to use the cut in many other ways.


Where can you buy fat quarters?

Fat quarters are a common USA measurement for fabrics and you can purchase them in many places online and in most quilting, patchwork and applique stores.

You can mix and match several pieces of fat quarter textile to create themed projects but they are available in sets or bundles with beautifully matching and complimentary prints.

A few places you can search online for them are:

  • Etsy
  • Amazon


What are fat quarter used for?

Fat quarters are perfect for quilting and patchwork crafts where you get the base fabric covered or combined with another matching one to create beautiful artistic designs. Since the pieces are smaller and the cuts are better sized you end up with less waste, scraps and unused material.

Having fat quarters help you increase your textile collection without having to spend a ton buying the yard. You no longer need to get massive amounts of fabric for just a little detail in a project.

With a variety of different patterns, fabric and details you will be able to create stunning work as detailed or simple as you wish. You can mix the fabrics to add a detail, and embellishment or to create contrast in your projects.

You don’t need to be a quilter though to work with fat quarters, pretty much any small project can be done with them and some are so easy even kids can sew!

Below I share some of the curtest free fat quarter ideas, be sure to check these small sewing tutorials before deciding what to do with your fat quarter leftovers.


Best projects for fat quarter patterns

If you love fat quarters just as much as we do you will enjoy these creative (free) step by step sewing ideas with instructions.

Fat Quarter Projects

These easy projects are perfect for anyone wanting to use their fat quarter fabrics.

Here are 11 things you can do with fat quarter fabrics.


easy fat quarter projects

Free fat quarter patterns

Fat quarter sewing projects

Fat Quarter Projects

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