Easy Homemade DIY Facemask

Face Mask DIY

 Find out a super easy way to make your own homemade facemask in the sewing tutorial below

Whether you use a face mask for allergies, crafting or in light of recent health conditions a DIY cloth facemask can be useful in so many situations. 

This tutorial is perfect if you are unable to purchase face masks with the added bonus that you saving money and the environment by sewing a reusable face mask!

And the good news is that making a protective face mask doesn’t have to be difficult, fancy or expensive. 

We have the simplest facemask diy that is perfect for beginner sewers and pro’s a like. All you will need are a few basic supplies and a sewing machine.

No facemask pattern needed!

Please Note:

We have no medical training and offer no advice as to the effectiveness or use of cloth facemasks for health reasons.

CDC recommends wearing cloth face masks but it is important to know all the facts. You can find out more about the benefits of face masks, how to use them correctly and other important health information HERE.

This sewing tutorial is for a homemade non-medical face mask. 


How Do You Make A Homemade Face Mask


Any cotton fabric can be used for this cloth facemask project, from your fabric scraps to fun and cheerful materials. It’s easy to bring a smile to anyones face and brighten your own mood with bright colors and fun prints. 

Homemade Cloth Facemask Supplies


Easy Homemade DIY Facemask

How to make easy masks for your family
DIY Mask
Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 5 minutes
Total Time 10 minutes


  • Scrap fabric (35x22cm / 14x9 inches)
  • Elastic
  • Sewing thread


  • Sewing machine


  1. Cut out a rectangle in your cotton fabric in the required length.How to make a mask at home
  2. Fold your material in half lengthways (so the longest side is folded over itself).make a mask at home
  3. Iron to creases into the fabric as shown in the image below.how to make a mask to cover mouth and nose
  4. Turn the fabric inside out (so right side of fabric, or patterned sides are together).
  5. Measure a piece elastic so that it fits comfortably around the ear from the face. This will be roughly 13 to 15 cm each side. You want to make sure it is secure but not too tight that it will be uncomfortable on your ears.
  6. Place elastic as shown in the image on each side of your mask. Elastic is on the INSIDE of the mask with a small allowance poking out of the corners that you will be able to sew.how to make a face mask with cotton textile
  7. Sew around the edges of the mask as shown below (around a 0.5inch/1 cm seam allowance). Leave a small section unstitched so that you can turn the mask from inside out to the correct way. how to make a cotton face mask
  8. Turn the mask the correct way. You can use a knitting needle or pencil to make sure the corners are completely turned the correct way.how to sew a mask for the face
  9. Next, sew around the seam again to create a strong seam and to close the seam completely.
  10. Your mask is complete!how to make a mask at home

Remember to care for your mask correctly as shared in the links at the start of this post. This includes washing your mask and taking other hygiene precautions while using your mask. Without these correct procedures you compromise the effectiveness of your homemade facemask. 


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Face Mask Homemade

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