The Best Sewing Books Every Sewer Needs

Best Sewing Books

Beginner sewer or looking to learn some new sewing techniques and patterns? Discover the best sewing books to help you become a better sewer, create amazing projects and more. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner sewer or a long time crafter. Splashing out on a gorgeous new sewing book can help you stretch you sewing skills, learn new techniques and help you sew better. 

Although we love online tutorials and classes there is something special about having a book on your shelf that you can pull out and reference at any time. Sewing books are an easy way to really develop your sewing skills while being inspired to create. 

They are also the perfect learning tool if you like to take your time to learn something and soak in knowledge at your own pace. Stopping and starting online tutorials can be a bother while trying to use your machine at the same time. Books on the other hand allow you to start and stop easily, bookmark pages you need and even to add your own notes as you learn.

Here are a few of our all time favorite books.

Sewing Books For Beginners

If you are new to sewing then will love these best sewing books for beginners. From how to use your machine to basic sewing techniques, these books will show you all the basics you need to know to create your very own sewing projects. 

  • The Sewing Book

The Sewing Book by Alison Smith is one of the best sewing handbooks and should be in every sewers bookshelf. It covers everything you need to know from sewing techniques to tools you use as sewer and even all about fabrics. It is set out in an easy to understand and visual way. You can use this book for everything from a quick reference guide when you come across a technique you don’t know or to help you select what fabric to use for a project. There are also 15 sewing projects included with easy step-by-step guides. 

  • Learn To Sew Book

If you need a sewing basics book then this is a great book to start. With easy how to guides for very beginner techniques, how to pick the best sewing machine and how to fix common sewing mistakes. There are also some fun and very easy beginner projects to try so you can practise your new skills. 

  • Sewing Machine Book

If you are completely new to sewing and you find using your machine daunting then this book is a quick and helpful way to start. This book will not explain technical terms or help you with some of the more complicated sewing machine features but we know some people never really get started on their sewing journey as they are overwhelmed by their machines. If this sounds like you then we think you will find this book a helpful start.

Sewing Pattern Books

Got the basics down pat but are looking for some fun new patterns to try? These sewing books include everything from how to make your own sewing patterns to books with patterns included. 

  • Best Pattern Making Books

Want to get create and create your own patterns? Or learn how to alter patterns to fit your body better? Then this book is for you. Perfect for everyone, even if you are new to pattern making. This book will help you create your own wardrobe with easy customisable patterns for garments like t-shirts, skirts, jackets and more. 

  • Dressmaking Book

This book shows you lots of pattern making techniques as well as how to pick the right fabrics for your garments. It makes a great reference book to always have on hand for beginners and long time sewers alike. If you want to learn how to make your own clothes or even just to alter clothes you have so they fit better then you will find this book very useful. 


Sewing Books For Kids

Sewing is such a great skill for kids to learn. Not only is it useful but it can help build confidence, fine motor skills as well as independence. We know that some kids would rather learn on their own ( with a little helping hand) rather than have someone show them what to do, so here are some books we think can help teach kids to sew.

  • Kids Sewing Book

This hands on learning book shows children sewing techniques and also includes 35 fun and easy sewing projects for them to try. If you want your child to learn basic hand sewing before starting to use a machine then this book is perfect. 

  • Sewing For Kids

If you want to teach your child techniques for hand and machine sewing then this book has very easy step-by-step guides anyone can follow. Starting with the very basics like tying a know to more complicated techniques all in a very clear, straightforward and fun manner. The included projects inspire creativity and help build skills while being something fun kids actually want to make. 

  • Kids Guide To Sewing

This kids sewing book is actually written by a kid so is very relatable and easy to use. Techniques and projects are in order of difficulty which is a a great confidence booster for children learning to sew as they work through the book. There are also some really cool projects for kids to create like their own clothes and  gifts for friends or family. 

Click here to find some fun and sewing projects for kids

Quilting Books

New to quilting or looking for inspiration for your next quilting project? These books are a must have to help you create unique and gorgeous quilting items. 

  • Quilting Books For Beginners

This book is a must have for all quilters, new and experienced. With easy how to guides on techniques that will teach and inspire you. It covers every part of quilting, making it perfect for beginners new to the craft or those wanting to learn new things after quilting for years. If you love quilting, or want to start then make sure you have this as a reference book on your shelf. 

  • Quilting Books

If you are new to quilting then this is book offers an easy step-by-step journey through quilting techniques and projects. This book progress to harder patterns and information as you go through the book, making it a in depth and interesting learning journey. 

  • Modern Quilting Book

Want something more modern for your quilting? This book is full of fresh ideas and interesting ways to quilt. If you don’t like following rules or creating patterns then this book is for you. It’s all about having fun and letting your creativity free. 

Which ones of these books do you have? Or is there a favorite we have missed? Let us know about it and why you love it so we can add it to our list for our readers.

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