Sewing machine accessories list

Sewing machine accessories and their uses

It can be hard to know what tools you need to complete a sewing machine project. Here I have the essential sewing machine accessories list with amazing items that every sewer will benefit from having.

I am sure you realize it is not enough to only buy one of the best sewing machines available. In fact, some accessories are equally (or more) important to complete a project than the perfect sewing machine.

Today I am sharing some basic accessories for sewing machine but also essential items that you might not have considered but that you will soon find out you need to complete your sewing patterns or quilting and embroidery projects!

Below I am going to talk about the sewing tools and their uses in more depth so you can get your list of accessories complete but here is a handy table for you to get a summarized idea:

  • Scissors
  • Needles
  • Threads
  • Pins
  • Measuring tape
  • Quilter’s ruler
  • Fabric markers
  • Cutting mat
  • Rotary cutters
  • Seam rippers
  • Extra sewing machine light
  • Magnetic seam guide
  • Extra bobbins
  • Extension table
  • Extra presser feet
  • Needle threader
  • Carrying case
  • Sewing machine fluid
  • Maintenance kit


Sewing machine accessories list

I want to let it clear that you don’t need all these items, especially if you are just starting out. But I also want you to keep in mind something that took me years to learn but hopefully won’t take you that long; the right tool is half the job.

This simple.

You can obviously find ways to go about a project without a needed part. Have you tried to sew an invisible zipper without zipper foot? Or rip a very long seam without a seam ripper?

Well, I have. And ended up getting the job done but it was not fast and also probably not the best job out there either.

Just bare in mind that not having the right tool for a project can cause massive frustration, and this might eventually stop you from sewing so just watch for the stuff that take you longer than expected and whenever possible invest in a good sewing accessory.

This list could get really long if I just tried to list every single sewing accessory available on the market. But the truth is that you won’t need all of them for most projects so I won’t do that.

I will however list some of the very basic ones that everybody needs and then follow to other tools that you might not have thought about.

So what are sewing accessories that everyone needs? Let’s check out them below.


Basic sewing tools


  • Scissors

A good pair of scissors is a seamstress best friend, this is the one thing I recommend you to spend money on if you can (but protect it with you life because kids tend to grab them to cut paper, which is a big no-no as doing so will dull the blades making the scissor not cut the fabric properly).

I found this one here on Amazon which has raving reviews and is super affordable! A must!!


  • Machine needle

You need needles for you machine and it is nice to have a variety for different types of textile. You can get one of these sets with many sizes.

Always, always!, have extra needles. There can never be enough needles. Needles break for a variety of reasons and I have seriously gone through an entire box to finish a denim project once (when I didn’t have the right tool….)


  • Threads

Well, you obviously know that without thread there is no sewing but I mean more the color variation than just a thread itself. Ideally you want to match the color precisely to your fabric by taking a sample of you fabric to the shop and matching the thread color as closely as possible.

However this is not always easy to do if you don’t live close to a sewing shop or for whatever other reason. Having these colorful sets means that at the very least you have a similar color to work on pretty much any fabric and you won’t have to sew a red textile with a blue thread for instance.


  • Pins and Pin cushion

A basic for almost every project to help the sewer to keep the fabric aligned or in place before it get stitched. A box full of pins is super inexpensive and necessary to have around for sure!


Measuring sewing accessories


  • Measuring tape

It’s a part of all sewing kits for an obvious reason, you need it for everything!


  • Quilter’s ruler

An absolute must for any quilter and patchwork lover but I recommend it for everyone! This is perfect for sizing, larking and cutting pieces.


  • Pencil/markers

These help you measure, mark and cut the fabric properly by drawing on the textile. There is a variety of markers available which range from chalk to water soluble pencils and heat pens (which disappear when you iron the fabric).

All of them do the same, let you mar the fabric temporarily.


Cutting tools for sewing

  • Cutting mat

A self healing cutting mat is fantastic not only for cutting textile and other materials for sewing but also very useful for many types of crafts.

They come in a variety of sizes and colors but I recommend getting at the very least an A3 size which will allow you to cut larger projects.


  • Rotary cutters

Patchwork lovers will have several rotary cutters at their disposal but again I think this is a tool that everyone deserves. Once you get using to cutting straight pieces of fabric with the rotary cutters you will never look back.


  • Seam rippers

Sometimes these come with your sewing machine accessory box but if you inherited a machine from someone or got a second hand one you might not have it.

These little things are basically the best accessory EVER and a beginner’s must have! Even seasoned sewers use this quite often, having to undo a seam is pretty standard thing to do. 


Other sewing aids

You don’t necessarily need these extra sewing tools but it is nice to have, they will make project completion easier and faster!


  • Machine LED light

It still remains a mystery why manufactures make machines with such poor light bulbs. Many hobbyists and crafters only have time at night to sew and the lack of light is a big deal for those with sight impairment.

These LED strips are a LIFE CHANGER. So simple to set up and very cost efficient it will make a massive difference for your sewing.


  • Magnetic seam guide

This is one of those things that is so nice to have. It allows any sewer, even a beginner, to sew various projects as it speeds up the sewing process while still affording a even seam edge.

Because it is magnetic you can move it back and forward to adjust for the desirable seam allowance. This inexpensive item is extremely useful.


  • Extra bobbins

Having extra bobbins make it super easy to change threads in the machine without having to wind the bobbin again. Some thread sets come already with the matching bobbins.

A great time saver.


  • Extension tables

Extension tables are used to expand a level sewing surface. These are pareticularly important for embroidery and quilting projects but everyone could take advantage of them to keep fabric steady while sewing.


  • Different presser feet

You machine will come with a basic presser foot (or maybe a couple) and they are normally alright to start with! However, depending on the finishing or effect you want to give having a few different presser feet can be really handy for rolled hem, ruffles and other effects.


  • Needle threader

You get a cheap version of these little things in pretty much any sewing box kit but you might wonder what the heck it is. They work both for machine or hand sewing allowing you to thread a needle of any size in a second.

You can try and thread a tiny needle by hand for minutes – we have all been there! This little tool is so convenient and inexpensive, just insert the flexible metal loop into the needle hole, add the thread through the hoop on the other end then pull the thread in.


  • Timbles

If you are stitching by hand, which you normally need to even while going through a machine sewing project, you will be happy to have these available, especially fi dealing with heavy duty fabric.


Maintenance accessories for sewing machine

  • Sewing machine carrying case

It’s important to keep your machine safe and secure while transporting it so a carrying case is recommend for anyone who doesn’t keep the machine at only one place.


  • Machine fluid

Anything that moves need lubrication. For sewing machines we use a synthetic oil to lubricate the mechanisms and parts  that work in very high speed.

While there are alternatives for sewing machine oils I advise you to get a specific one. You don’t have to do this often though and it only requires a drop or two on the bobbin area and hook race of the machine to make a difference.


  • Maintenance kit

Maybe these come with your machine too, or maybe not. All sewing machines need maintenance and eventually you can learn how to do some of them yourself.

It is very likely that you will need to tighten a screw or clean parts of the machine over time. Having one of these kits is just easy because the screws are tiny and you need the appropriate hand drivers. This little set even comes with a hand sewing machine cover.


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Machine accessories you need for sewing

Machine accessories you need for sewing

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