Sewing projects for kids (15 easy projects to sew at home)

Creative kids sewing projects

Looking for kids sewing patterns that are so easy to follow anyone in your household can make? Check below for these cute and super simple sewing projects for kids that will teach and entertain the kids for hours!

Children sewing projects need to be the right balance between challenging and fun.

You do want the kids to improve their fine motor skills as well as sewing skills but ultimately these crafts are designing to empower kids’ imagination to create whatever they want!

Below you will find some fun children sewing tutorials that are perfect for both boys and girls. Some use hand stitching techniques, for others you will need a sewing machine for kids.

Some of the simplest hand sewing tutorials can be done by kids as young or preschoolers, but they are all simple enough that kids below teenager years can also try in their first sewing machine lesson.


Teaching kids to sew

At what age should children learn to sew with a sewing machine? Or hand sew?

If your kids can write simple letters using a pencil then chances are that they have enough fine motor skill to start stitching.

Any kid older than 3 or 4 years can start stitching. You can use these larger and safe sewing needles for kids to make sure they won’t get hurt.

This is a fantastic sensory activity in fact that should be encourage as earlier as preschool years.

Kids above 6 years can start learning how to use the sewing machine. You can start them off practicing using these fun sheets.


What is the best starter sewing project for my child?

We are often asked: What is a good frustration free project to make when teaching a young child to sew?

Anything with easy straight stitches are a good option, such as pillow, small pouches, basic stuffed animals kits, no sew scarf and others. You should start with hand sew stitches, from very easy ones like running stitches to whip stitch and then get to the more challenging stitches such as the blanket and back stitch.

Once they have mastered these stitches they will find a new challenge at the sewing machine.

Below we have both hand and machine sewing projects, pick one that you think will spark more interest in your kid and go have some fun!

If you are looking for more challenging sewing for middle school kids or teenagers, check my post here full of inspiration!


Useful kids sewing projects for starters

We went ahead and made this easy list with some awesome sewing projects for kids to do!

All of them are under 30 minute sewing projects because kids can only concentrate for so long. You can do a bunch of them with scrap fabric, fat quarters or left over material – these are also perfect for up-cycling tutorials!


Easy sewing projects for kids

Find below some easy sewing patterns for kids. Click further to see the full tutorial.

These kids sewing ideas are all free tutorials and will include the pattern if applicable.

Easy sewing machine projects for kids

Check below these adorable beginner kids sewing machine projects that are perfect for children under 10 years old.

Hand sewing projects for kids

here are some cool things for kids to sew by hand that are easy and entertaining for the little ones.

What are some beginner hand sewing projects that you think are perfect for kids too? let me know in comments below!


Sewing ideas for kids

Easy Sewing projects for kids

Kids sewing projects

Sewing for kids: easy projects to sew at home

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