13 Fun and Easy Sewing Projects For Teenagers

Sewing Projects For Teens

Discover why learning to sew is a great skill and find fun sewing projects for teenagers.

Not so long ago, sewing was a skill that was taught in most schools and homes.

As we learn more about sustainable fashion and trying to reduce our waste, sewing is a skill that is becoming ever more important and popular again.

Teaching teenagers to sew gives them the practical skills to make their own clothes, repurpose old clothes and also make repairs to clothing. 

Creating clothes from scratch may seem scary to start but by starting with small and easy sewing projects like the ones in this post is a great way to learn while building confidence and skills.

As well as these great reasons to learn to sew there are other amazing advantages of sewing. 

Benefits When Teens Learn To Sew


Sewing is wonderful practical and creative skill.  A time to step away from screens and use their minds and hands to create!

Creativity is so good for teenagers ( and adults) and there is a strong link to creativity and mental health. When we embark on any creative process, like sewing, we enter a flow like state. 

“Experiences of flow are the key to happiness. And creativity, in particular, produces flow. Moreover, unplugged creative activities for teenagers offer both flow and a mini digital detox”. – Newport Academy

Not only is it great for wellness but when you learn to sew, you use many other skills such as maths, problem solving and fine motor. 

Best Sewing Supplies For Teenagers

If you are just starting out then a good idea is to borrow a sewing machine from family or friends. Make sure they show you how to use their machine as they are all a little different. 

Here are some other supplies you will need:

It’s okay to borrow these when you first learn to sew but you will definitely want your own sewing kit as you sew more and more. Here’s a great guide on the best sewing machines for beginners

So what sort of things to sew are good for teens?

Keep reading to find sewing projects for beginners they will have fun making. And if you are ready for more advanced learning then check these great sewing books here!


Sewing Projects For Teenagers

Love this patterns and want more? Find fun sewing projects to make from scrap fabric here. 

Sewing projects for teenagers

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Easy Sewing Projects For Teenagers


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