Best stuffed animal sewing kits for beginners

Sewing stuffed animals for beginners

Stuffed animal kits (or felt-friends) are great sewing projects suitable for a variety of ages and sewing skill levels. In this post we are sharing the best stuffed animal sewing kits that are perfect projects for beginner children or adults who are just starting learning how to (hand) sew.

We have found some of the best sewing kits with stuffed animal patterns and materials to make it super easy for your to get started. Here are the project kit ideas that we will talk further below:

  • Llama
  • Fox
  • Dinosaur
  • Unicorn
  • Dolphin
  • Dragon
  • Mini animals
  • Finger animals
  • Dog
  • Whale
  • Alligator
  • Owl
  • Bunny

Sewing kits are very customizable so they make a perfect gift, a classroom sewing project and obviously perfect to make your own stuffed animal cheap!

So, if you are searching on how to sew a plush toy the easy way just read below to find our favorite sewing stuffed animals for beginners.


Why buy a felt animal sewing kit instead of just looking for a free pattern?

There are hundreds of free stuffed animal patterns available on the internet, however these may not be the bets option especially if you are just getting started. And a kit is the best way for sewing stuffed animals for beginners.

It’s not cost effective for a beginner to collect all the sewing supplies needed to start and finish a beautiful stuffed animal. Think about fabric, sewing notions (such as needles, thread, pins etc), stuffing material and more that are sold either in bulk or in large pieces when you in fact only need a small amount to complete a project.

Also, if you are not familiar with the type of materials needed you may find yourself having to go back to the store to get something else you forgot or that you didn’t know you needed!

So it is easier to get a kit for a fraction of the price before you invest more money in other materials.

Let’s also not forget that not all instructions online will be suitable for every sewing level and with a kit you are a likely to get a much better illustrated instruction on how to sew a stuffed animal for the specific project you get.


Stuffed animal ready to sew kits

There are so many cute stuffed animals to sew. Some are super easy with several felt animal kits featuring the holes on where you needle should go through.

We have hand sewing kits but others require a sewing machine (even though the sewing skills expected are also fairly basic) and some of the kits we show walk you through embroidery process.

All these kits are beginners and considered easy stuffed animals to sew, but they will also take some time as most things handmade do. If you are purchasing for kids just bear in mind their skill and what challenges they might face, read the product description to see if they will be suitable for the age of the children.


Hand stitched stuffed animal sewing kits


  • Llama pillow kit

Pillow sewing kits are perfect for beginners to get the creativity flowing and get started with hand sewing.

Llamas and alpacas have the cute factor that will appeal to many children and it will also make a great gift. This easy sew design comes with everything you need to create this stunning piece at the end. Grab this lama sewing kit on amazon now.

Click here to buy the Llama sewing kit


  • Dinosaur Kids Craft Kit

This is a sewing kit perfect for girls or boys, this comes with everything you need and includes pre-cut pieces (you just need a pair of scissors!).

The presentation box is gorgeous and it will make a very good gift that inspire creativity. When the dinosaur is finished it will be about 25 cm (approx. 10 inches) tall.

Suitable for ages 4+ but small kids may need an adult help to complete.

Click here for the dinosaur kit!


  • Unicorn sewing kit for kids

unicorn stuffed animal pattern

I love this pattern from Delilah Iris designs. This kit includes felt sheets that are not pre-cut giving you even more opportunity for customization. Beyond that you will find inside the box the sewing pattern, needle and thread and the fiber filling to make your own stuffed unicorn.

Perfect for anyone wanting to make a cute handmade gift or just to get started with felt sewing.

Click here for the unicorn kit!


  • Dolphin felt friends sewing kit

Another all-inclusive stuffed animal craft kit that comes with illustrated, easy to follow, step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need (environment friendly materials) apart from scissors and pins.

It makes the perfect evening stitching project for teens or adults and a great way for kids to wind down after a busy day at school.

Get your dolphin kit here!


  • Make A Fox Friend

This is perfect for really young children as it takes only a few stitches to make this adorable fox friend.

Imagine how proud they will be after completing making their very own hand sewn stuffed animal!

Click here to get your fox friend!


  • Dragon sewing pattern stuffed animal kit

A great fine motor craft activity for boys and girls that are interested in mythical animals. No sewing experience required, this dragon kit provides plenty of entertainment for kids.

The kit comes with all the of materials needed, the pattern for a 7,25 inches dragon, step by step instructions and tutorials for required stitches.

Get your dragon kit here!


  • Flamingo sewing kits for kids

Another adorable crafty sewing kit containing everything you need to make a Flamingo.

This kit is the perfect gift for crafty children and adults alike! Pretty simple to just follow the steps and the felt features the dot holes where one should follow with the needle making it the perfect activity for younger ones with an interest in sewing

Adult supervision is always advisable for small children.

Get your flamingo kit here!


  • Winter animals finger toy sewing kit

Create your very own whimsical winter wonderland finger dolls with the step by step tutorial and kit!

This is not a stuffed animal craft per se because since they are finger dolls they don’t need any stuffing. However they are so cute and pretty straight forward to make fir a beginner so I decided to add it to the list. The box contains all the materials needed for 3 finger puppets.

Click here for the winter animals kit!


  • Mini stuffed animals sewing patterns

Stitch and stuff some of your favorite animals with this mixed set of mini stuffed animals.

This kit comes with everything you need to make up to 14 mini plushies as it is packed with colorful fabrics and super-clear instructions to help you create your very own little farm.

Click here to buy the mini stuffed animal kit!


  • Dog felt stuffed animal kit

It’s so fun to make and hang up your very own keyring.

The kit comes with detailed instructions on sewing techniques but you can adapt the stitching to the skill level of the crafter.

Click here for the dog keyring kit!


More advanced sewing craft kits

These projects don’t necessary require machine sewing but it might comes in handy to have it for the outter stitching as the fabric materials are tougher than other listed above, such as felt.


  • Whale stuffed animal sewing kit

This whale softie would make an amazing companion for a baby or small child.

The minimalist fabric is beautifully designed and printed on 100% cotton tea towel that is easy to wash but sturdy enough that when the projects is finished it can be endlessly carried around and played by the child (or any whale lover!).

Find the whale sewing kit here!


  • Alligator toy sewing and embroidery

With this  adorable sewing toy kit you can make the cutest alligator! It comes with patterned fabric making it very easy to follow, it also has detailed instructions to help you make it to the end.

However the skill level is intermediate. It is not that hard to make, but because the stitching is embroidery it just takes a bit more time then an easy stuffed animal pattern.

Click here to buy the alligator sewing kit!


  • Owl felt animal sewing kits

This is a fun colorful felt stuffed animal with simple embroidery stitches at the front.

as it is made with actual needle felt. I am adding this to the more advanced list because this might be a new technique to some of you.

It’s very fun for kids to get crafty and create their own little felt friend, it comes with full color instructions to make everything as simple as possible.

Click here for the owl kit!


  • Bunny felt animal kit

This project is ideal for the more advanced beginner sewer wanting to tackle a slightly more complicated soft toy project than some of the more easy ones listed above.

The embroidery stitches are easy to follow though with the printed fabric.

Click here to buy the bunny sewing kit!



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